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Pilgrim's Story

Here's a unique take on Pilgrim's beginnings straight from the pen of our owner, Josh Spiegel:

Here's a little story I got to tell

About one bad junkman I know so well

It started way back in history

On a little farm in Catawba County.

Now Otis and Essie had 11 kids

George was number seven -- luck I guess.

He liked to mess around fixin' cars

Then he got a Model "A" and was goin' far

Then one day a lady came around

Shakin' her stuff from the other side of town.

George said, "Hey, what's your name?"

She said, "Hey, hot thang, my name is Maggie May."

The two got hitched in 1947

Some people say was a match made in heaven.

Sandy came along everything was merry

Then came Gilda, Sherri and Gary.

In 1985, Pilgrim got started

With a press. a hammer and a great big heart.

With lots of hard work and sweat of his brow,

Two trucks, a tow motor, look at it now.

Nineteen years later with a lot of good luck

He's tearin' down junk and jumpin' off trucks.

He's still going strong at 75

With an overloaded truck goin' down '85.


He's my grandpa...he's always right

He''s my grandpa...he's down to fight

He's my grandpa...and he's just my type

He's my grandpa.


George passed in 2006, not long after this tribute to him was written and performed.  Margaret went to be with him in 2010. They were loved and will be missed.


 Pilgrim continues in the family tradition in which it started.

'Maggie May'


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